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ISO 27001 ISMS Certification for Software / IT / ITES companies organizations

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WHAT IS ISO 27001 ISMS  ISO 27001 standard is an Information security management system certification standard. As the name suggests , standard focuses upon Security of critical information that is associated with Risk to the business. Leakage / lost / malfunctioning of critical information may result in adverse impact on the business including halt or suspension of business. The impact may be such severe that businesses may get down if lost / leaked information is key financial / legal / technical one.

Information lies in various forms. It can be on paper, in soft form at PC, laptop, mobile, CD, USB…. Don’t forget that critical information also lies in the human mind. All this information shall be protected for its confidentialtiy , integrity and availability CIA. ISO 27001 – information security management system standard focuses upon protection of all these critical informations with the usage of various controls. There are administrative and technical controls specified in the ISO 27001 standard which helps in protecting the critical information.

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– Gape analysis against ISO 27001 standard requirements
– Action plan to fulfill gapes identified above
– ISMS risk analysis
– ISMS risk evaluation , categorization and management
– ISMS related legal compliance
– ISMS documentation
– ISMS training, internal auditor training
– Application to ISO 27001 certification agency
– ISMS internal audit
– ISMS stage 1 certification audit assistance.
– Closure of non confirmity of stage 1 certification audit
– ISMS stage 2 certification audit assistance.

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·      ISMS risk assessment
·      Managing confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information having risk to business
·      Asset management
·      Physical environment security
·      Equipment security
·      Communication and operation management
·      Protection against malicious and mobile code
·      Back up of data
·      Network security management
·      Media handling
·      Ecommerce services
·      Access control
·      Business continuity management
·      Network access control
·      Mobile computing and networking
·      Cryptographic controls
·      Technical vulnerability management
·      Compliance with legal requirements

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We can help software organizations/ IT organizations/ ITES organizations, software development organizations, hardware manufacturing organizations, organizations working under IT domain such as information process houses, business process houses, call centres, KPOs , BPOs, Manufacturing sectors, and other service sectors in achieving ISO 27001 information security management system ISMS certification from accredited certification agencies .

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