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ISO 27001 certification focuses on security valued information assets of business based on principles of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Following are key requirements of ISO 27001 Information Security Management system standard.

  1. Preparing inventory of assets which has risk to the business. Assets can be hardware, software, hardcopy, softcopy, devices, equipments, legal documents….. etc..
  2. Evaluating those assets against possible threats and vulnerabilities for their loss/malfunctioning/unintended use/failure etc.
  3. Evaluating risk based on probability and severity of the combination of threats and vulnerabilities. This is termed as Information security management system ISMS risk assessment.
  4. Reviewing controls listed in the ISO 27001 – ISMS standard and implementing necessary controls for avoiding/reducing/accepting/transferring the risks. This is termed as information security management system Risk treatment.
  5. Preparing necessary policies / procedure as per requirement of ISO 27001 standard such as access control, back up, asset management, risk management, back up, electronic commerce…..etc..
  6. Preparing and communicating ISMS policy, ISMS objectives, ISMS roles and responsibilities etc. to concern persons.

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There are other steps also which needs to be followed in implementation of ISO 27001 – information security management system ISMS system implementation.

We can help organisation in

  1. Understanding ISO27001 requirements
  2. Preparation of key ISMS documentation like ISMS Risk assessment, ISMS Policies, SOA
  3. Providing ISO 27001 internal auditor training
  4. Coordination with ISO 27001 certification agency till award of ISO 27001 certification

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