ISO 9001 certification for IT / ITES Companies


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We can help organizations engaged in the software development process, IT products development process in achieving ISO 9001 Quality management system certification.

We can help organizations located at ahmedabad / Gujarat / India, working in software products development, software applications development, IT products development in achieving ISO certifications, ISO 9001 certifications, ISO 9001 2015 certifications from accredited certification agencies .

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Following are key requirements of ISO 9001 2015 certifications,

ISO certifications, ISO 9001 certification for software development organizations, IT organizations.

  1. Project planning. A comprehensive project plan may be prepared covering resources, critical milestones, deliverable, review mechanism, project performance stages etc.
  2. Project Review : Review of projects shall be done at planned stages and specially after reaching critical milestones which would impact client satisfaction and project cost.
  3. Test plan : Preparation of test plan covering testing strategies such as unit test, integration test, acceptance test, performance test, load test etc.
  4. Test Cases : Preparation of test cases of software components / modules
  5. Defect logs : Preparation of defect logs containing corrections, corrective  actions on defects identified during testing ( Internal and acceptance testing )
  6. Risk Plan : Preparation of Risk management plan covering potential risks in the project and proactive  / immediate measures on risks
  7. IT hardware/software maintenance : Covers protection against malicious codes, back up strategy, password protection, authentication of the codes etc.

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There have been many other requirements to be implemented as per ISO 9001 requirements for organizations engaged in software development activity.

Organizations engaged in software development may compare above requirements with waterfall model. However organizations engaged in software development with agile methods may also implement above requirements and inter-relate above requirements with AGILE tools such as iteration planning, SCRUM reviews etc.

We can help organizations involved in software development activity, software applications development in achieving ISO certifications, ISO 9001 certifications in India.


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