Process of CMMI level 3 Certification

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration.

There are 25 practice areas given under CMMI Version 2.0 model that needs to be implemented by organisation in order to achieve CMMI level 3 certification.

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Following is a list of 25 essential practice areas for CMMI level 3 certification.

  1. Causal Analysis & Resolution
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Continuity
  4. Decision Analysis and Resolution 
  5. Enabling Virtual Solutions and Delivery
  6. Estimating
  7. Governance
  8. Implementation Infrastructure
  9. Incident Resolution and Prevention
  10. Managing Performance and Measurement
  11. Monitor and Control
  12. Organisational Trainings 
  13. Peer Reviews
  14. Planning
  15. Process Asset Development
  16. Process Management
  17. Process Quality Assurance
  18. Product Integration
  19. Requirements Development and Management
  20. Risk and Opportunity Management
  21. Service Delivery Management
  22. Strategic Service Management
  23. Supplier Agreement Management
  24. Technical Solution
  25. Verification and Validation

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There are specific practices given up to level 3 under each of above practice area. Under each level amongst level 1 to level 3, practice requirements are changing considering improving maturity of practice area.

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